Captain Jake Anderson 

A fourth generation fisherman, Jake Anderson has always lived close to the sea. Born in Forks, Washington, he grew up in the fishing town of Anacortes, Washington, surrounded by generations of fishermen. Raised in this rich environment, Jake took to the sea at an early age with his uncle Brian Mavar.

At 17 he was fishing salmon off Bristol Bay in Alaska, at 20 he was on a trawler processor and at 25 he began pot fishing. Just one year later, he became a greenhorn on the F/V Northwestern, where he worked for the next six years. His hard work and charisma carried him from greenhorn to full-share deckhand to relief deck boss, under Captain Sig Hansen. Although Jake has experienced his fair-share of trials, he's also worked to overcome them. Since his sister's sudden death and his father's murder, Jake has matured -- and aged -- dramatically.

All the rivers run into the sea; yet the sea is not full.
— King Solomon

Jake beat addiction in 2010, and that same year he obtained his USCG Mate 1600-ton fishing license and Master 100-ton license with the goal of becoming captain of his own ship.  In 2013 he was offered a co-captaining position with F/V Kiska Sea, but problems with the crew and mishandling by management forced Jake to return to the Northwestern. Jake got his break in 2015, when he was offered the captain’s chair on F/V Saga. Just two days after the birth of his first son, Aiden, Jake took command of the wheelhouse of the Saga and led the crew through a challenging—but successful—Opie season. His leadership continues to blossom as he transforms the Saga into a crab-killing machine that cements his place amongst the greats.


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