RIP Hannes M. Huswick - 1983-2017

On Monday, August 14, Jake and the F/V Saga and Deadliest Catch family got the news that Saga crew member Hannes M. Huswick had unexpectedly passed away. Here is Jake's statement:

hannes rip.jpg

"Hannes Huswick was not just an employee of mine. He was also one of my closest friends. Fiercely loyal, charming, hilarious, very quick-witted, sharp as a razor, over-qualified for his previous job, and yes usually a big pain in my ass.

Fishing with Hannes will forever be the funnest times I've spent at sea. People don't understand what the core crew and myself have been up against, rebuilding the SAGA and catching one of the highest King Crab quotas in the fleet. 300,000 lbs per season to be exact! Hannes stood by his men and me through thick and thin. While everyone has laughed at us, spit in our faces–and some opillio and Bairdi seasons we made zero money–he was there. I fucking loved him. We loved to be the outsiders who succeeded with everything against us. Hannes used to say to me when I yelled at him, "Take it easy! All I get from working here is a bunch of grief, a fucking sweatshirt and a flashlight!" God I fucking love him! So funny.

There is so much more to say about Hannes, his love for Sarah, his beautiful wife, and 5-year old daughter Sienna. Hannes was 34 and died of heart attack Monday August 14, 2017 in his favorite place to be. At home with his family. Rest In Peace. Hannes: the Saga, and fishing will never be as fun without you."

Please help and contribute if you can to this fundraiser for Hannes' wife and daughter.